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What a fantastic result for the Bewl Sailors at the Optimist Selections

15 May 2018

Well with the weather breaking all records this weekend our 6 intrepid Bewl sailors headed down to Weymouth in the trusty battle bus and certainly followed suit!

The lighter sailors eyed the windguru forecast with delight seeing, for once, winds in the lighter colours as opposed to the purples.

With the promised wind - 81 kids headed off to the race course and Thicome certainly came out the blocks well with a 4th in the first race. The best was to come in race 2 where the Bewl sailors kept a lonely vigil at the pin end having spotted a big port end bias were well rewarded taking 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 for the line honours and Freddie in particular needing binos to see the fleet behind him :)! If only the race could have ended here as we had 3 of the team in the top 5 and worlds positions. Thicome maintained his consistency in race 3 posting his third top 5 result and with that took the top spot on the leader board. With light winds forecast for the next few days the PRO decided to put another race in the bank resulting in a long but rewarding day for our team with 3 of them sitting in Europeans places and Charlie having recovered from a lapse in the first race was leading a charge up the scoreboard.

Day 2 unfortunately brought out the millpond and despite the valiant attempts from the PRO racing was abandoned early afternoon and the kids took the opportunity to let off a bit of steam on some SUPs before blasting off in the RIB to have a fish and chip supper in Weymouth.

Day 3 was a case of playing hide and seek with the wind - the fleet went out into the bay and sat around bobbing on the water whilst the wind snuck into the harbour. As the fleet traipsed back inside the breakwater - the wind played games and went out to the bay. The PRO attempted to get some starts away but with the fleet pushing the line and the wind not holding out day 3 ended with still no more races posted.

With the PRO getting the kids up even earlier on day 4 to try and get the early morning breeze a lot of hanging around ensued and some silent prayers from Freddie, Jamie and Saskia who were all in Europeans positions hoping that no more racing occurred. However their hopes were dashed as the sea breeze came in and the fleet were sent out at the 11th hour. For Freddie and Jamie it was a case of doubling down and advancing their positions further with Freddie getting to 5th and making the Worlds team and Jamie getting to 6th and taking the first Europeans slot. Final results were:

  • 5th Freddie
  • 6th Jamie
  • 11th Thicome
  • 15th Jesse
  • 17th Charlie
  • 32nd Saskia

What a fantastic achievement for all the kids and I'm looking forward to a fantastic season with lots of new stars in the wings! A big call out and thank you to Arran who all must agree has done a wonderful job with the kids coaching them to this point. Hope to see more of you on the water in the coming weeks and for those of you that haven't found it details can be found on the website at