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BSA on the BBC News...

22 Jan 2016

Just in case you weren't listening to the radio yesterday...  Jason Perry from BSA was on the BBC Kent Breakfast show talking about the future of sailing at Bewl.

Last week Joe Pocock from the BBC was at Bewl to report on the changes Markerstudy will be making following their purchase of the site.  Whilst there, Joe interviewed Jason Perry from BSA on the future of sailing at Bewl.  

Click here to listen to Jason's interview

If you didn't hear the BBC Kent Breakfast show, you can listen to the full 3 hour breakfast show using the BBC's Listen again by clicking here .

Jason's interview is at about 2:56 in the programme.  You may also want to listen to what Andrew Daniels from Markerstudy Leisure had to say at around 2:36 and Rob Purves from the Bewl rowing club at around 1:55.