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Bewl Sailing Association Ltd


Club Room for Water Users

23 Jun 2016

We're delighted to report that Bewl Water has allocated a “Club Room” which will be available to all water users as a meeting/gathering place.

The space is on the eastern corner of the old clubhouse (i.e. on the end nearest the race box), on the ground floor. Wet clothing will be allowed and a coffee/drinks machine has been installed. Those of us who remember the club from a few years ago will recall that it used to be the old club office before it was moved to the western end of the building. The room is available to all water users, so you may meet kayakers, independent sailors, rowers, and maybe fishermen too. I’m sure we can all get along just fine.

This is a great step forward and has been implemented by the site team at Bewl Water in response to feedback given by BSA and others in recent discussions and meetings. It’s particularly good news for Sunday racers, as now we have somewhere to sit at lunchtime on days when the weather is wet or cold.